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Yankees on the verge of returning to the World Series

With the Yankees leading 3-1 in the ALCS over the Los Angeles Angels, it appears that next Wednesday, we can expect to see Game 1 of the World Series in the new Yankee Stadium.  Solid pitching by CC Sabathia has been the story of this Yankee post season as well as the dominating performance by one Alex Rodriguez, and both were present when the Yankees dominated Game 4 of the ALCS in a 10-1 victory.  In a series that was filled with close games and extra innings, it seems that the Yankee blowout may have been the final blow to knock down the suddenly error-prone Angels.

Many people can’t remember the last time the Yankees made it to the World Series, or even when they last won it.  Joe Torre was the skipper then, and he’s since been running a Los Angeles Dodgers team that is sharing the fate of their cross town brothers by trailing the Phillies 3-1 in the NLCS.  While the Phillies are the defending World Series champions, one can’t help but wonder if they will have what it takes to stop the money machine bankrolled by the Steinbrenners.  The massive payroll and off season acquisitions of some future Hall of Fame players, on top of their already substantial talent, may prove far too great this year to overcome.  For a few years, it appeared that even with the Yankees payroll, there was a parody of talent across the teams that offered some chance for other teams to dethrone the Bronx bombers, especially when the Yankees were knocked out of the first round two years ago and failed to reach the playoffs last season.

So much for that thought.

Alex Rodriguez is the big story of the moment.  After his failure to produce in the post season that has been his handicap, even with all of his talent, this season has been his breakout year.  He admitted to steroid use to start the year and spent several weeks rehabbing after hip labrum surgery.  Then he came back, and started racking up the RBIs and home runs without missing a beat.

The Yankees wouldn’t be where they are now without Alex Rodriguez.

After signing the biggest contracts in the history of baseball, the monkey finally got bored and hopped off A-Rod’s back.  He has gone six games in a row with an RBI and is adding to his impressive home run tally with a strong showing in October.

Johnny Damon, never one to shy away from the spotlight, decided he had to step up and after struggling this post season, added to the blowout win in game 4.  The Yankees might just about be ready to play at their peak potential to start off the World Series, assuming they don’t have an unlikely breakdown of epic proportions and drop three games in a row to the Angels.

The Phillies, even if they down the Dodgers, may find themselves trying to ice skate up hill in a blizzard if the Yankees come in and play as good as they have been.