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Doctors Requirements

Streaming Magazine requests that a participating doctor provide the website with one long article or two shorter articles each month. Longer articles on one subject should be 900-1000 words apiece. These articles will be split into parts I and II with both sections appearing in the same calendar month. The two shorter articles provided (each containing around 450-500 words) should cover two distinct subjects. These will also appear in the same calendar month.

The subject of each article should be based on cutting-edge technology, new medical discoveries, advances in medical practice, etc. with each doctor adhering to their particular area of expertise. Each doctor will receive a byline for their work. And, credit will only be given to the doctor who directly submitted each work.

Streaming Magazine will publicize the work of each contributing doctor by utilizing their name, credentials, pictures and biographies. In addition, Streaming Magazine will offer to help promote the practice, institution or organization of each contributing doctor by placing pertinent information on the site. This information will include text and graphics, and may also include audio and video all of which will be provided by each doctor or institution.

Streaming Magazine will make its best effort to promote the submitted articles as well as the information pertaining to the contributions. Streaming Magazine will use its own proven methods of SEO to build traffic and viewer participation. Streaming Magazine will also employ other proprietary software to enhance content, the website’s ranking and the number of visitors in order to reach the broadest possible base of people.

Streaming Magazine feels that with its proven track record of successfully building website traffic, our contributors will enjoy both the ability to educate the public regarding their field of medicine as well as the opportunity to increase awareness about general health issues. In addition, each contributor will be enhancing the prestige of their individual practice and/or organization.

Any article or institutional information provided by a doctor and /or organization in any other context is subject to the approval of Streaming Magazine, and it reserves the right to publish or deny the information if it is deemed to be incorrect, misleading or irresponsible in any way.

By providing articles, pictures, audio and/or video and participating in creating content for Streaming Magazine, you agree to the terms, conditions and stipulations mentioned above. All content provided by any doctor, institution, or organization becomes the sole property of Streaming Magazine. All articles will be archived on the Streaming Magazine website. However any doctor, institution, or organization may at any time request to have their name and information removed from the site.

Thank you for your contributions.