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Editorial Guidelines

The more informed a person is about healthcare, the more they can help themselves. That being said, Streaming Magazine is dedicated to expanding awareness about the marvels of medical technology. The staff of Streaming Magazine blends years of experience in medicine, journalism, health communication and content integrity to bring you the best health information available. Our esteemed board of doctors from around the United States are frequent contributors to Streaming Magazine’s continually growing archive of health-related articles and editorials. These contributors’ prestigious careers in fields including cardiology, oncology, radiology, urology, dermatology and cosmetic procedures allow for an accurate, timely and informative website. We also work with important organizations and institutions centered on health education.


The staff of Streaming Magazine is diverse and dedicated to creating a comprehensive collection of useful articles about health and to the philanthropic concept of an interactive and inclusive dialogue about medical issues and general well-being.


The purpose and intent of Streaming Magazine is to provide the online community with remarkably accurate, helpful and objective information on health. Without the pressure or control of any invested third-party or corporation, Streaming Magazine hopes to become synonymous with a reliable and accessible source of health-related news ranging from health advisories to advances in medical technology to recalls and alerts that involve the public as a whole. However, it is important to state that Streaming Magazine should not be used as a replacement for professional healthcare, diagnosis or treatment. Before acting on any information gathered from Streaming Magazine’s website, always be sure to consult your physician or healthcare professional. After all, the health and well-being of every individual is their own customized responsibility.


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