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Explicit “Sprite ad” over the top?

One minute it seems like our society is growing more accustomed to the ideas of open mindedness, free thought and free expression…and the general idea of being entertained, even if it means mother might not be the most approving at what your laughter is directed. Then the next second, it feels like the whole country’s turned into a giant Bible Belt staring at us, the open-minded free thinkers, who are suddenly adorned in black cloaks with “satanist” scribed on our foreheads in blood.

This society really confuses me sometimes, as with this latest fuss over a banned Sprite ad.

From all the articles and news reports I’ve read on the situation, what I’ve been able to gather for myself on what happened is that once this explicit ad was released, those who first saw it, freaked out and blamed, well, who else, but Coca-Cola, a company that obviously paid to sponsor the creation of this extremely adult ad because it featured a bottle of Sprite, logo in full spotlight.


Easy home decorating projects

About mid-year the feeling comes to me… I need to redecorate. About a split-second later, I realize that feeding an IKEA obsession isn’t exactly in my price range, so improvisation is necessary. Here are a few really easy ways to spruce up any room.

One easy, cheap trick to spice up boring walls is to create fabric wall panels. The best thing about this is that you can switch out the fabric whenever you want a change of scenery. What you’ll need is a staple gun, a 1.5 x 5’ wooden-framed painter’s canvas, two yards of fabric (feel free to have fun here with your choice), an iron, an ironing board and pushpins or thumbtacks.

What you’ll want to do is iron out your chosen fabric and center it on the canvas. When you have it centered the way you want, tack it down on the wood on the back of the board. After that, staple it to the wood and make sure that it’s centered properly. It’s as simple as that, and the good thing is that if you mess up, you can just keep trying again and again.