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Wilson’s outburst a missed luxury in politics

The last few months in politics have revolved around a campaign keystone for Obama: his promise to push through a health care reform bill claiming to help millions of uninsured become insured.  

The majority of the news at the start centered around questioning Obama’s statements on how the bill could be afforded and what exactly it would entail.  Then, as time went on and people began doing research, many found Obama was blowing smoke up the people’s collective butt, because the numbers failed to verify the possibility that government sponsored health care was possible under the Obama plan.

Wednesday added to Obama’s health plan woes during his speech to the nation, with the now infamous Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” moment.

For those who don’t know what happened, Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out during the president’s speech “You Lie!” after Obama mentioned one of the fairy tale designs in his health plan.  

Of course, the reaction from both parties was that Wilson was an embarrassment and he was out of line.  Granted, he may have been unprofessional in his outburst, but he’s hardly spoke a false sentiment.

Americans have been falling off the Obama bandwagon like there was a swine flu scare.  The Do-No-Wrong period for Obama is seemingly over and we’ve seen exactly what Obama has had to offer the nation so far: very little.

Wilson’s outburst, however, did more than any growing anti-Obama sentiment to set the tone for the future in Washington.  It turned Wilson into a political celebrity overnight, thrusting him straight into the public’s eye.  Now everyone knows Rep. Joe Wilson is a “champion” for small government and an avid supporter of the military, having four sons serving in the armed forces.  

At the very least, it has added to the Republican’s list of potential Obama-dethroners in 2012.  If Obama fails to deliver on more campaign promises, Wilson’s name will be one of the more prominent on the list of contenders to win Pennsylvania Avenue back from the liberals.

What Wilson’s words also did was shine hope on all politicians.  Perhaps they aren’t all lying bastards dancing around truth and lies, filling the public with riddles behind a wall of smoke and mirrors.  No one describes a politician as an honest man, and sadly, there is no way for a politician to be elected to the Office of the President without lying and manipulating the system along the way.  

Obama almost immediately broke campaign promises with the pork barrel politics reduction, as well as filling vacancies with members associated with lobbyists and special interest groups.  Obama just has the charisma to get away with it.

Wilson is like very few politicians who speak their mind and usually say things contrary to what is “politically correct.”  Arnold, AKA The Governator, was the last person I can recall who said anything similar with his comments on immigration and how important it is for immigrants to learn English and assimilate into the American culture if they want to be here.  

I can respect a politician who isn’t afraid to speak his or her mind instead of using politically charged rhetoric to further their career.