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The perfect mix: Live TV and idiots

The U.S. is full of wonderful things, ranging from food to liberties. However, if I would have to choose my current favorite things about the U.S., they would have to be First Amendment rights and live television coverage.

Those two things remind me of Oreos and milk. They’re great separately but even better when they’re together.

Live television has brought us many candid, hilarious, shocking and downright awkward situations. Nearly all of these moments have been brought to you by some of the most famous people in the world.

Take for example Michael Jackson who, after his 2004 molestation trial, left the courthouse and began dancing on the roof of his car. Arguably, this could be a popularity stunt but it was also a great candid moment.

That is what live TV junkies live for.

Then, there are other people who are an embarrassment to TV and entertainment in general. Before we get to the most popular of the bunch (clue: 2009 MTV VMAs… he didn’t win), let’s look at some other winners who are in the public eye.

This event in 2004, to me, is the best example of how serious live television can be. It took place on Feb. 1 at a little game called the Superbowl and involved, shall we say, a little peep show. Planned or not, that really got critics raging. To those of us who didn’t have children in the room, it was quite amusing.

There is truly nothing like the look on Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s faces after the “wardrobe malfunction” occurred.

Next, we’ll look at the concept of lip-syncing. It’s quite adorable in the car or at a concert… as long as you’re not supposed to be performing the concert. You can just ask Ashlee Simpson.

Simpson, who is now married to and has a child with Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, made an absolute fool of herself in 2004. (2004 was a magical year for live TV.) She was the closing act for “Saturday Night Live” and decided she wasn’t going to do anything live…other than a weird little jig once everyone figured out she wasn’t singing.

Cute, cute and classy. It’s apparently a genetic trait.

Enough of the past, let’s talk about our favorite small man who has been all over the news since the fiasco at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday. You know who I’m talking about. He’s our favorite metrosexual rapper: Kanye West.

It’s difficult to imagine a world without Kanye West. There would be peace, harmony and far less autotune. It would be a world where Taylor Swift could proudly win what she deserves. It would be a world where Americans wouldn’t be ashamed of their musicians.

Ahhhh, just imagine it.

We would be free from his wild actions: like this and this.

But… This is America people. Wild people like Kanye West are what make the world go around. West is good at what he does: making music and being a jerk.

I’m sure we can expect many more awful/amusing things from Mr. West as well as other celebrities.

For now, only one song comes to mind: “Proud to be an American.”