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Starfall.com from ABC’s to reading a book: A wonderful site for your child

Starfall is a fantastic site for children to learn everything they need to read. The colorful and exciting levels use a child’s voice, so kids feel comfortable while they have fun. The appealing part of this website is that it addresses the needs of a variety of age groups and lesson requirements, while giving the kids (and parents) a nice ‘playground’ of enjoyment, while learning.

The ABC’s section lets your child select which letter of the alphabet, displays the capital and lower case and sounds it out for them. There is also an image using that letter.

Starfall.com ABC

Learning to put letters into words is one of the hardest things for children to accomplish. Starfall has a ‘Learn to Read’ area that lets a child choose the letter combinations and then follow through a journey of listening to the sound out, musical singing of the sounds and viewing how the word is used in a combination of words, stories and even videos.

StarFall.com Learn to Read


Taking the leap into actual reading means putting all of the ABC’s and sounds together to identify words and sentences. StarFall’s “It’s Fun To Read” section lets your child choose which topic is most interesting to them. Each topic brings an interesting bit of information in the form of a short sentence as well as question and answer.

StarFall.com Read

Children learn so much easier when they are having fun and the StarFall website brings a wealth of fascinating choices, images and sounds to entice all reading levels. There are special areas of the website just for parents and educators, with practice and curriculum guidelines to encourage and support every child’s reading experience.