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Politically correct is sugar coated disrespect

America was founded on the basis of tolerance for all.  We would welcome the thoughts and ideals of massive groups of people and blend them within our grand population.  Assimilation into the American culture was the way things went for years.  And as all things once built on grand ideas and a better way of life, people began to feel more entitled than others, either through their own successes, or the hardships they and theirs had faced during their ethnic history.

As time went on, the culture as a whole mingled without slavery and later segregation, a new breed of discrimination has risen.  This discrimination hides itself behind “fairness” and “tolerance,” but it is actually the greatest form of social oppression possible in a free country.

Political correctness is a disease that cripples creativity and free thought.  It represents the chains that hold our society back from evolution, all while keeping the population from completely melding together as a whole.  Racism, sexism and religious intolerance are all reinforced by the politically correct, while people believe it is an effective means at proving they aren’t.

Don’t agree?  Just think about how it’s used today to divide society along common lines: black and white.

Being politically correct means that you must toe a fine line between what is thought to be “proper,” when it really is just a way to create less offensive terms to separate them from you.  

Sixty years ago, a black man was a negro and drank from a different fountain and sat at the back of the bus.  Today, he’s an African American, but still is looked at based on the color of his skin.  He identifies himself as an African American, black man, or various other descriptive words, but by believing in the label and accepting it, many of these individuals who would otherwise have had great potential now live as underachievers because that is how society looks at them.

A black man is no less capable of being as successful as any white man.  The fact that they identify with their “people” and hold strict ties to that ethnicity rather than thinking about what it is that they truly value and where they want to go in life, throws the chains of social slavery back on them.  This doesn’t apply to all, because there are those who have decided that he or she matters as an individual, and therefore has been able to achieve great things. Barack Obama is one of them, whether you love him or hate him.  Even though he is guilty of feeding into the class system, reinforcing that black people as a whole are expected to do less simply because they are black.

If you hold them to a higher standard of accountability, the problem herein vanishes.  White culture has its failures as well, but is held to a higher standard, where these individuals have lost the respect of their peers by making bad choices and walking down a path that obviously could only end in failure.

People say respect is earned.  I say it is willingly given, and it takes an effort, or lack of effort, to lose it.  As long as you try, society responds favorably.  Don’t try, and society will forever hold you to where you belong.

At the bottom.