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Palin puts on a show

It seems like only yesterday when Rep. John McCain announced his running mate, GOP Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. America went wild. God forbid we have a woman in the White House.

She irritated many and charmed few.

Today, it’s next to impossible to take the name Sarah Palin seriously, especially with the recent developments in her storyline.

When Palin emerged on the scene, she was a fresh face for Republicans to believe in. She had a different approach, seeing as she was a woman. Apparently, women are expected to be smart, sympathetic politicians. (It was also the first time in a very long time that Americans were reminded that Alaska does indeed exist.)

The Alaskan governor, as we all know, was not elected to office with her nearly-dead running mate. Thankfully, she just resigned. I’m not sure why we even need a senator of Alaska. What is there to rule over anyway?

Enough about her political career. Hopefully there will be no more additions to that part in her life. Onward to America’s favorite part of Palin’s life: her personal life.

Perhaps now she can focus on being the wild Alaskan woman she has always claimed to be.

Regardless of how you feel about her, it’s impossible to deny that she’s made some…interesting choices in her life in the public eye alone with the list only continuing to lengthen.

The latest installment in the Palin saga comes from her grand-baby daddy, Levi Johnston. (Johnston was the knight in shining armor who knocked up Palin’s oldest daughter Bristol.)

According to the Associated Press, Johnston said that Palin wanted to adopt their baby so that people wouldn’t know that her daughter was pregnant. You’d think that someone who had carried children would know that it’s quite difficult to hide a pregnancy, especially when you are constantly in the public eye.

Not only is it a stupid move. It’s also a lotta bit creepy. She’s not the senator of Alabama where children are always confused about who their real parents are. (Mom could be grandma, uncle, dad, etc.)

The Palins also have quite a knack for strange names: Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow and Trig. (Sure, it’s not as bad as Prince Michael. I’ll give them that.)

Bristol and Levi took a step in the Palin direction by naming their bouncing baby boy Tripp.

The good news is that this hot mess of a woman will be heading to Hong Kong to speak. (I thought Asians were smarter than this!)

According to a FOX News report, Palin will be speaking to a forum organized by CLSA, a Hong Kong-based brokerage firm, and will address the company’s clients and delegates at the 16th Investors’ Forum, held Sept. 21 through 25.

While she is speaking in Hong Kong, she has refused to speak at the National Federation of Republican Women’s 35th Convention in Orlando. I guess she thinks that people in China aren’t aware of how ridiculous she is.

Here we know exactly how ridiculous she is. I can’t wait for grand-baby’s daddy’s interview to be on the stands. Even more than that, Governor Palin is suspected to be working on memoirs, which will undoubtedly be just as wild as her public life.

Just be sure to pre-order that sucker.