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NHL cheap skater cannot go unnoticed

Ah, there’s nothing like watching a good hockey game to see men beating each other. Sure it’s violent, it’s hockey! That’s why we love it. Then, for some reason, we are shocked when we see hockey players in real life being violent.

What do you expect? It’s hard to separate work from play.

It’s especially hard for our dear friend Patrick Kane.

Kane, a 20-year-old forward who plays for the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks had a slight altercation with his cab driver on Sunday. By slight, I mean that he punched the guy in the face, grabbed his throat and broke his glasses.

All in a day’s work.

Kane was top draft in 2007 and was voted best rookie in 2008. Today, it’s difficult to think of him as nothing but impatient and cheap.

The short story is this: Kane and his cousin were taking a cab around Kane’s hometown of Buffalo, New York. His total came to $13.80 so he gave the driver $15. When the driver couldn’t provide the exact change, Kane let him know who was boss by taking his money back and attacking the cabbie.

Don’t think he’s getting away with it just because he’s had plenty of practice. Kane and his cousin, James Kane, have been charged with second degree robbery, criminal mischief and theft of services.

Not that this will taint his career.

Blackhawk’s spokesman Brandon Faber told FOX Sports, “He is a big part of our organization and a team leader and we stand behind him.”

No punishments have been determined as of yet. I mean, it’s not like he was running an underground dog fighting ring, right? It could be worse. He just broke the guy’s glasses and gave him some cuts and bruises.

Maybe the cabbie should consider himself lucky that such an incredible player would practice channeling his aggression for hockey season… Or maybe not.

Apparently, athletes get a free card to do whatever they want. I don’t understand it.

This youngin’ should be shown that his actions are unacceptable even if it has a negative effect on the Blackhawks’ standings.

At 20, it could be easy to argue that he’s still young and that his aggression could just stem from that. Still, if nothing is done to prevent him from doing something like that again, then he has no reason to stop.

I’m not just talking about legally either. Many people don’t even care about the law, and when athletes aren’t punished in their line of work then why would they care?

As this story continues to unfold, I can only hope that Kane can learn from his immature actions and refrain from a repeat offense. For such a good player, and at such a young age, he shouldn’t even be messing around with ruining his career.

Yet, on the other hand, he is young and he’s a guy. Find me one 20-year-old guy that doesn’t have at least a small amount of aggression.

What do you think: Has Kane overstepped his boundaries and needs to face the punishment from the league and from the law? Or has Kane just made a simple, everyday mistake and could use a break?