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New romantic classics

As a great friend of mine once said, “Love is weird sometimes.” The following two stories are proof.

Our first story starts on a dark summer’s night in May. Twenty-one-year-old Richard McTear Jr. was with the woman he loved, 17-year-old Jasmine Bedwell and her adorable 3-month-old son. As Richard looked at Jasmine, he was overwhelmed by her beauty and could do nothing but…attack her.

To further prove his love to her, he took her baby, Emanuel Wesley Murray and threw him onto the concrete. When he saw this wasn’t enough, McTear drove off with Jasmine’s baby and threw him from a car window while driving on the highway.

Baby Emanuel died.

Needless to say, this was the end of Richard and Jasmine’s love affair. Although at his May 20 court appearance, McTear professed his love to Jasmine by screaming, “I love you, Jasmine!” Jasmine just wasn’t having it, but a 40-year-old Ida Williams was.

Just when McTear thought he could never be loved again, “Ida the Spider,” who has served five prison terms and just got out of jail on June 3 accepted his marriage proposal.

Now, as McTear was told of the state’s intention to pursue the death penalty for him, McTear’s fiancée (Williams) told the St. Petersburg Times that McTear is “beautiful, sweet, kind, gentle.”

McTear now faces the death penalty and Williams faces a life without the love of her life.

This next story also takes place in sunny Florida, and with the most unsuspecting of couples.

Victor Clavizzao and Jacqueline Dean both had bad luck with life and love. They found what they were looking for when they found each other.

Clavizzao, 46, is running away from his fraud charges while Dean is a registered sex-offender. None of this matters, of course; not when true love is involved.

Clavizzao has so much love to give that this is his fifth marriage. He’s also still legally married to his first and fourth wife.

Dean knew of Clavizzao’s undying love for her when he suggested that they go to Lisbon, Ohio to get married (away from the Florida court system that may know of his polygamy).

How precious, Dean must have thought. It would be like a romantic honeymoon.

Dean decided not to invite her ex-husband who had killed her lover with a samurai sword a couple of years ago in Brandon, Fla. Clavizzao was pleased by her choices.

Luckily, Dean and Clavizzao were in Ohio because a little magical fairy told them that the Ohio court system wouldn’t check on Clavizzao’s marital status if he checked the “previously married” box, but said “none” in the number of times box.


Now the happy couple lives in their beautiful St. Petersburg home, which is in foreclosure.

And they all lived happily ever after.

…. Who says dreams can’t come true? For these two happy successful couples, they were able to find true love in the most awful of situations. Maybe Disney would be interested in making a film of their love stories.

Or maybe not.