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Letterman scandal should be more scandalous

David Letterman has held the rating high for his late night talk show on CBS since 1993.

With his name in the tabloids this past week, Letterman appears to be benefiting from this sex scandal. Surprising?

No, that’s show-business!

On Thursday, Letterman announced that he is a “victim of extortion attempt over charges of sexual affairs with staff members,” according to the New York Times.

Letterman says that about three weeks ago he received a package from Robert “Joe” Halderman, a producer for the CBS documentary news program 48 Hours. Halderman was threatening a screenplay outlining the “terrible, terrible things” that Letterman had done. He also asked for $2 million.

These “terrible, terrible thing” that Halderman was talking about are the many affairs that Letterman had with his female co-workers. (Doesn’t he know that office romances are never a good idea?!)

Letterman went straight to Manhattan’s district attorney where he was advised to write a fraudent check to Halderman. Now, Halderman is facing attempted grand larceny charges.


Who is the wrong here?

Sure, Halderman could have been bribing Letterman just for the money. But… I really doubt he needed the money. I’m assuming this whole attempt was just to raise awareness about how much of a creep Mr. Letterman is.

Letterman has been with (now) wife, Regina Lasko, for around 20 years and they have a six-year-old son. Undeniably, his actions are unacceptable. Letterman apologized to Lasko during a taping of his show on Monday.

He told People magazine that she is “hurt.”

What a surprise! He’s lucky that his son doesn’t understand what’s going on or else he would also be ashamed of his father.

The worst part of this story is that the American public seems to have no problem with the situation at all. The top story surrounding the David Letterman scandal reads, “David Letterman Scandal will help CBS“… scary.

According to the United Press International, a study was conducted by HCD Research using its MediaCurves.com Web site Oct. 1-2 to obtain viewers’ opinions of the late-night talk-show host. This study of about 500 viewers, 55 percent said that their views of Letterman were not changed whatsoever. 22 percent of respondents said yes, they have a more negative perception of him now, and 23 percent said yes, they have a more positive perception of him now.

Um… does this sound right?

Why is the question: “Where are America’s ethics?” considered a stupid question?

The shame that should be surrounding this scandal is nowhere to be found. Five minutes after Letterman admitted what should have ruined his career, he was making jokes and amusing the studio audience.

Maybe the shock was edited out.

Apparently we are a predictable nation. Adultery? Sure, no problem! We will get REALLY pissed off at you though if you’re not living a “Green” life.
Save your environment, but don’t worry about your dignity.

Halderman is facing up to 15 years for bringing this trashy situation into the limelight.

Although Letterman is laughing it off, we shouldn’t be.