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Latest media crockery: Kayne West mess staged

Oh yay. Another story that’s taken the news by storm… And is continuing to do so. This time, however, it’s not a dead pop king, but someone who claims to steal that title someday soon (because it’s his turn), just like a certain spotlight he stole this past weekend.

Kayne West is back, or should I say hasn’t left the news recently, ever since his brilliant act on MTV’s Video Music Awards this past Sunday. You know, of course. The whole Kayne West and Taylor Swift ordeal. All West’s senseless, insulting, and in my opinion disgusting demonstration of his true self. Rude, rude, rude Kayne West.

The latest on the rapping egomaniac is that his little “stunt” on stage might actually have been just that, an act, as reported by Pop Eater.

Honestly, it was the first thought to pop into my mind while watching the live performance. I mean, there wasn’t a whole lot else that was “lively” about the live show. I was bored out of my mind, just like the entire audience seemed for the portion of the show following the very beginning, after Madonna’s speech and Janet’s performance, both in honor of the true dead King of Pop.

So, perhaps, this was indeed a staged act, meant to garner some real attention, though highly negative as it was. I think I heard all of four “boos” while the thieving was going on. And if it was truly a staged event purposed for that reason, or simply to gain any attention whatsoever, I guess it worked, now that every media outlet and their mothers are covering the incident.

But then again, in reviewing some past Kayne Mess, ahem, West incidents, performances or whatever you’d like to refer to them as, I somehow doubt that theory.

Mr. West was once quoted as saying something along the lines of — since I’m pulling from memory and can’t find the exact wording — ‘The only thing in life I will regret is not being able to watch myself live in concert.’

Wow. Besides making you want to double over and laugh until your breakfast, brunch and lunch come spewing out of your mouth from sheer disbelief, awe and an otherwise dumbfounded “WTF” moment, can anyone say ego?

I think West has enough to share with the six-plus billion on our planet right now, though I doubt he’s willing to give any up.

No matter what these media mongrels are saying, I don’t think the act was staged. Just look at this guy’s ego’s record to see for yourself. (Yeah, its got its own record, and mugshot, if you really must know.) If that last quote, excuse me, unquote, didn’t give it away, what else do you need? The man’s all about himself and obviously believes he can do anything.

Well, he’s certainly provided the world with one more pointless story to cover as “news,” as I’m sure Kayne’s big mouth will continue to do in the future. I just hope this one doesn’t last as long as the true King of Pop’s, may he rest in peace, finally.

If the man was stranded on a desert island, I can just hear his only request: A mirror.