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Jon and Kate Plus 8 Divided by 2

A common theme for my topics lately seems to be entertainment, and this is a nice little addendum to the story I recently wrote about the criticism in discipline about this highly overrated TV couple.

June 22, 2009 is a day that will go down in TLC infamy.  It is the day its cash cow (and the only show that people really tuned in to watch instead of accidentally stumbling upon something interesting during a boring night) may have started its trek toward a fiery demise.

Jon and Kate Gosselin filed for divorce in the Bucks County Courthouse, creating a gossip columnist’s wet dream for the next few days.  The stories that have flooded the news about this couple have ranged from various bouts of infidelity with teachers and bodyguards, attending events separately to being extremely hostile toward one another (exactly what the show had displayed in body language as their relationship deteriorated).

Congratulations to the tabloids for beating the story into the ground, getting exactly what was needed to keep any semblance of interest in what is just another celebrity divorce (that TLC is sure to cover in all its glory for the remainder of the season).

The question remains, however, would this relationship and the lives of their eight children have been different had the media not tried to report on every lunch trip, grocery stop, gas fill-up, ice cream outing, beach vacation and baby burp?  Granted, they would not have had the money to live comfortable lives and the kids probably wouldn’t have had the same luxuries and experiences that were paid for by TLC in filming the show.  One could argue that their lives were better with everything they have done the last five years as examples.

Then again, how many kids would think taking a trip to Disney World is better than having parents to go home to until you’re ready to move off on your own?

Would the scandals have happened at all had TLC not put pressure on the couple to act and perform as they needed them to for ratings, forcing them to seek comfort in something other than what they did for work?

Could they have forgiven each other and worked beyond the problems of late if the media hadn’t ripped the closet door open to their private lives and threw the skeletons into the streets for all to view?

It’s a lot of speculation, as entertainment often is, but it brings up a good question that should be thought of before the Octo-mom gets her big break and a shot at ruining some more multiples’ lives.  What kind of backlash will TLC receive from the public for its big show failing, possibly putting these children in a child labor law violation and essentially collapsing a family that’s already got its work cut out for it without having a divorce and court separation to contend with?

Jon and Kate Gosselin were received warmly because of their marriage and support of the kids.  We can see by how the media treated the Octo-mom, with her just-over-poverty living status, owning more children than crazy cat ladies have feline companions, single and without a job.

Was signing Jon and Kate worth it?  Probably for the bottom line on the balance sheet over the last few years, but with everything that has happened recently, would they do it again with public opinion so very different now than it was five years ago?

Will Eyeworks regret signing a deal with the human baby factory?  Only time will tell.