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Jackson bind continues to boil

Though the world saw very little of the little Jackson crew – Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., 12, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11, and Prince Michael Jackson II, 7 – the world seems to be just a bit worried and is certainly wondering about what’s going to happen to Jackson babes now that King Michael is gone.

In an article published by USA Today, it was confirmed (at least until the family’s hearing scheduled for Aug. 3) that M.J.’s mother, Katherine, will care for the kids, since it appears that Jackson departed without a valid will.

What I’m wondering, and I’m sure you all are too, is where in the world is Ms. Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s strange (rather than estranged) ex-wife in all this? She is, in fact, the mother of the oldest of Jackson’s children.

As quoted from the article in USA Today, Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, said at a news conference earlier this week that the children should remain with the Jackson family. “We love these kids,” Papa Jackson said. “We’re going to take care of them and give them the education they are supposed to have.”

Makes you wonder what kind of education they had prior. Moonwalking 101, perhaps? Maybe Pop, Lock and Gyrate 1000?

As an adoring, gawking and/or just completely bewildered public, we may never really know.

Something that is known about Rowe, however, is her sudden readiness to drop interviews with anyone who will listen. This is coming from a woman who just five minutes ago (so it feels) was the epitome of blanketed (no pun intended) secrecy and shrouded privacy. Now that the pop king is dead, Rowe blasts her way through the barricades of her silence.

Well, at least it’s given the media something else to chew on for a while…like the toughest piece of meat on the cow.

The latest spit Rowe’s spat is about how Jackson is not the biological father of M.J. Jr. and Paris. She also made sure to mention in the same interview, one given to a British tabloid called News of the World, that her marriage to Jackson was a “sham.”

According to The Age, Rowe was quoted as saying, “I was just the vessel. It wasn’t Michael’s sperm. I got paid for it, and I’ve moved on.”

I sure hope Rowe wasn’t going for any kind of shock factor with the information she ‘divulged’ in any of her interviews. It’s not like any of us didn’t surmise any of this information on our own anyway. Just look at the Jackson children for God’s sake. Their skin is as white as provolone cheese. No (alleged) skin disease takes away the power of genetic traits passed on from a father to a child. I don’t care how powerful Mommy Rowe’s genes are, however bull dyke, ahem, dominant they may be.

Sorry, M.J.

Now we can all wait and wonder if Rowe will claim the children and fight for custody. Being the biological mother to the two oldest of the little Jackson troupe, it’s reasonable that if she did decide to challenge it, she would win.

And Poor Prince Michael II. His mommy’s still yet to be identified in public.

Ooh, I have an idea. Maybe they can all camp out at the Neverland Ranch and ride the Ferris wheel and tea cups and eat cotton candy until this all blows over. (Don’t forget that reality is a little different in the Jackson world.)

What a Jackson mess.