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Ideas to change America and the world

Everyone always says that we’re all looking for the “quick fix.” The connotation is almost always negative, but what if it didn’t have to be? The July/August edition of The Atlantic has suggested 15 ideas on “How to Fix the World.”

These 15 ideas, submitted by different contributors, suggest some ideas that seem crazy but just might work. Their 15 include:

1. Renting out your home instead of watching it go into foreclosure.
2. Deploying private military companies to act as “peacekeepers” throughout the world.
3. Giving up on Afghanistan ever having a democracy.

4. Privatizing the seas.
5. Shedding light on the diversity, and perhaps lack of successfulness, of college educations.
6. Welcoming guest workers to “wealthier” countries.
7. Increasing federal arts funding.
8. Ending all taxes except property taxes.
9. Changing the Department of Homeland Security to the Department of Civil Security.
10. Ending the corporate income tax.
11. Redesigning the dollar.
12. Ending the vice presidency.
13. Implementing alcohol education.
14. Buying products that will last (even if they are more expensive.)
15. Creating a fast train system.

Sure, these are definitely things that would have to be worked on. They wouldn’t be immediate and it would take a lot of getting used to. This got me thinking about what America could use to “save” itself. Here is a list of my 10 ideas to change the United States:

1. Teach tolerance of diversity at a young age – Many children aren’t exposed to other ideas, people or religions at a young age. They grow up thinking that what is different from them is bad, which then creates hate. Tolerance of others may not exactly bring peace on earth but it would bring us a lot closer.
2. Finding and promoting alternative energies – This might make me sound like a broken record, but finding alternative energies will undeniably reduce stresses between the nations.
3. Ensure that every public school has a mandatory music program – We’ve heard, and possibly experienced, time and time again that music can change someone’s life. Instilling a love for music in the youth of America will bring about a positive change in their attitudes.
4. Having a mandatory driver’s test each time a person’s drivers license is renewed – There are too many traffic accidents each year to ignore the fact that people can’t drive well. Beginning drivers and elderly drivers especially are at a higher risk to cause an accident. Making people retest every seven years would get at least a few of the unsafe drivers off the road.
5. Give more scholarships for people wanting to get their associate’s degree – Let’s face it, pretty soon an associate’s will be looked at the same way a high school diploma or a GED is. While community colleges are more affordable than universities, there are still many people who can’t afford to go. This is making the wage gap even larger and causing more poverty. This could even help the overflow of federal health care recipients go down.
6. Mandate testing for natural homeopathic medicines – With this new Zicam situation, the appeal of natural homeopathic medicines are becoming quite unappealing. Because these drugs are not being tested, people have no idea what they’re consuming. It’s causing serious health damages and sometimes even death.
7. Legalize marijuana – Whether you think marijuana is “a good thing” or “a bad thing,” there’s no denying that the legalization of marijuana would positively affect the economy of America. California, in particular, would get out of a lot of trouble if they could tax marijuana sales.
8. Repeal the Patriot Act – What seemed like a good idea quickly proved to be annoying and an infringement on our civil rights. People who trust their government will not only be happier but also more likely to trust them and cooperate with other actions they invoke.
9. Finding and promoting alternate means of transportation throughout cities – Yes, many cities have subways and bus systems but not all are effective. Developing something like a fast train or monorail would cut down on fuel emissions and encourage city commerce.
10. Focus on literacy in schools – Most states have a standardized test to determine whether a student is on track or not, but there are still many high school graduates that know nothing about reading or writing and can’t spell worth anything. If people felt comfortable with their reading abilities, then many would be more likely to do so. There is so much to be learned from books that it’s a shame that many of the younger generation will never read them.

These are just some idea. There are, of course, ones you may disagree with. I’m curious… what do YOU think?