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High School Musical starlet naked…again

The last time she did it, her movie made $42 million in its opening weekend, the highest gross for a musical debut, ever. High School Musical 3 was the film then, but this time, it’s her latest flick, Bandslam, that may have something to do with her risque repeat offense.

Two years ago made for Vanessa Hudgens’s first nude photo opp and chance to bring her latest film to the top by “gracing” the Internet with her goodies. Now, in 2009, she’s at it again, as more nude photos have surfaced. This time, however, it appears she may have purchased (and used) a razor before snapping any pics.

It’s the Vanessa Hudgens’ scandal 2009/Vanessa Hudgens’ scandal take II.

The first “leak” almost cost Hudgens her starring role in the third installation of the insanely popular Disney High School Musical series. Everything was all better, though, after Hudgens said a few words that included apology somewhere in between.

Last time I checked, Disney was one of the biggest family names on this green earth. I guess we’re all just supposed to understand that things like this happen sometimes and that we should just give the little chica another shot at stardom and at influencing our pre-teen and teenage daughters. That makes a lot of sense…NOT.

Before we all go getting our panties in a bunch — some of us still wear them — I should add that reports are saying that the latest nude photos of Hudgens are still in the allegation stage, meaning that the person in those photos might not actually be the Disney diva herself. (What a shocker!)

I don’t know about you, but I took a look at the photos for myself and I see a rather striking resemblance between the bare-chested girl in the pictures and Ms. Hudgens. Granted, I’m not expert on photos fake-outs, as we all know the wonders of PhotoShop, but I think it just might be her, at least some of the pictures. Google it and see for yourself.

Even if it’s proven that the girl in the photos isn’t Hudgens, it’s still going to have an impact — IS having an impact — on how her latest film will be received. Hudgens is still benefiting from the press, as negative as it is at the moment.

Disney has yet to respond to the haze surrounding the mess that is one of its star children. I wonder how Disney will respond when the truth surfaces… “Oh, we knew all along it wasn’t her.” Smile. Wink. Nod. Or… “We’re sorely disappointed in our little High School Musical miss and will have to make sure she can’t sign on for High School Musical 4…” Again, smile. Wink. Nod.

And what about Hudgens’s long time boyfriend Zac Efron? How does Mr. Hudgens feel about all of this? He forgave her the first time, but what about now if the photos turn out to be her? And how would you like to be him right now anyway? Knowing that half the planet is canoodling naked pictures of your girlfriend?

All in all, Hudgens will probably get a slap on the wrist from Disney, enough attention to boost box office sales on her otherwise flop of flick to be released soon, and maybe a pat on the back from her boyfriend Mr. Efron.

What a strange and wonderful world we live in…(the NOT is implied here, just in case you didn’t get that vibe…wanted to make sure).