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Hank Aaron speaks out on the Hall of Fameroids

Hank Aaron was the king of the big swing for years in Major League Baseball’s record books, holding the home run record until a man named Barry Bonds swung his way into the spotlight and nabbed the title.  Bonds did it under the suspicion, but never found guilty, of using performance enhancing drugs, or PEDs, to achieve the milestone.  He’s been accused by several, with witnesses saying he’s guilty. As of now, however, there is no concrete proof.

Then there is Roger Clemens, another accused and blasted by the media and former baseball players.  There’s even potential evidence of his DNA still remaining on syringes used, kept by his trainer (which is entirely creepy and weird in its own right).

Many cried that these men shouldn’t be allowed to be in the Hall of Fame because of their suspected use, and those that have announced their guilt or were exposed, such as Alex Rodriguez from 2001 to 2003, and Manny Ramirez who tested positive this year and served a 50-game suspension, should also be banned from entering the hallowed halls of Major League Baseball’s elite.

Hank Aaron has carefully walked a line, keeping his tone unbiased and respected to all parties concerning the league’s hall induction.  Aaron said he had been suspicious when McGwire and Bonds hit more than 70 home runs in a season, unable to believe that the human body could produce such consistent power for a entire season in order to achieve those numbers.  

Obviously, since steroids and other PEDs have been more heavily scrutinized and tested for, the number of home runs hit has dropped incredibly, giving credibility to the argument.

But Aaron doesn’t believe PEDs use should exclude players from being inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Hank Aaron believes in asterisks.  He believes there should be some designation given to the players in question, but their achievements in the league and the performances they put on and how well they played the game comes from more than just a shot of testosterone, growth hormone, insulin or taking other PEDs.

This is where Aaron makes the greatest logical statement in favor of these PED users.

No supplement, steroid, anabolic or other performance enhancing compound will make it easier for you to swing a bat to catch an inside pitch, or track a 100-mph fast ball.  No PED will keep a pitcher’s arm in peak condition without proper training and incredible attention to technique.  Neither will they aid an outfielder in chasing down a ball, tracking it in the sun to make a diving one handed catch and landing in the stands.

No, these feats are performed by players who have skills that took years to refine and perfect, and without them they never would be playing in the big leagues.  The Hall of Fame should recognize these players for their abilities to perform and put on the show the fans want to see, and how well they are able to contribute to their teams.

PEDs or not, McGwire, Bonds, Rodriguez and Ramirez all deserve to someday be enshrined in Cooperstown. Who’s to say that there aren’t several other PED abusers who already sit there, smiling while the world is completely oblivious about their past deeds.