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Fired for marrying the wrong person

Growing up we’re all conditioned to believe that someone, someday, will come along and take your breath away.  When this happens, love will show you new things you’ve never thought about and turn you into a new person, giving you grand new experiences and adding to the list of things people try to accomplish in a short life span.  In essence, marriage and love will change your life.

Most of the time that change isn’t being fired from your job. But such is the case in Fort Myers Beach when they fired one Scott Janke.

The Fort Myers Beach official was fired for a simple wrongdoing: marrying an adult film star, Anabela Mota Janke (stage name Jazella Moore) last October. When the Mayor and town council caught wind of the couple’s wedlock, Scott Janke was subsequently fired hours later.  The council even came out and said Mr. Janke did great work and had shown tremendous character and there were never problems, but that his marriage to a porn actress would impair his ability to function at his job.

It obviously didn’t affect his performance from the wedding to the date of his firing.

Of course, public opinion plays a large role in these modern day public executions where leadership can’t be allowed to show weakness before those needed to re-elect any politician.  So Scott Janke was fired and given his severance all because he found common ground with a woman who earned a living in the skin business.

Ironically, when politicians are caught in adultery and solicitation, they are left with an option to resign or continue their post against the cries of their peers.  Some even apologize and their sins are forgiven in the eyes of the masses.

In the case of an honest man settling down with a woman in marriage to find happiness for himself and their three teenagers, a town council found him guilty of essentially marrying the wrong person, and threw him out.

The morality of such a thing is hard to comprehend.  We can forgive and accept those who break the law, show terrible character choices and even go so far as to betray those who had placed trust in them and their ideals. Yet in all our “compassion” and “understanding,” there are those who stand to condemn a man simply based on following his heart strings.

The world would be a far better place without those meddling in the business of others.  I understand there are things that do require intervention, such as infringing upon the rights of others and protecting those who can’t protect themselves, but in what way would Scott Janke’s marriage in any way have caused harm to another?  Claiming it would be a distraction and deter him from his duties at his station is a rather weak blanket of smoke to throw over the eyes, hiding prejudice and discrimination.  If Scott Janke had married a McDonald’s employee, bartender, janitor, surfer or even a used car saleswoman, no one would have breathed any ill wind in his direction.

Last I checked, the adult film business is rather well established in this country and has plenty of supporters — whether they openly admit it or not — and by simply discriminating against the woman for being in a specific profession is not only shallow, but a great foundation for legal action.