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Destiny Fla. named nation’s first eco-sustainable city

In the midst of our “green revolution,” sometimes the steps we’re taking toward living green seem minute. Sure, cutting down on our plastic bag use by using carrying those $2 totes will help the environment, but to what extent? What we need is an entire country of eco-sustainable cities… right?

Well, we’ll see. Central Florida is home to Destiny, Fla., which is the nation’s first eco-sustainable city. Just an hour south of Orlando, Destiny sits leading the country in alternative energy ideas.

Destiny, Fla. is a 41,300-acre community that welcomes eco-friendly people, businesses and environmental research. According to a press release from Fish Consulting and Rubenstein Public Relations, “Destiny serves as a model for future development and stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between business and pro-environmental policies.”

Land developments in Destiny will only be where the land was previously disturbed. The city plans to preserve all that it can.

Destiny hopes to lead the world in demonstrating effective ways to reduce carbon emissions and promoting the idea of making the world a better place.

According to the PDF “A Snapshot of 2050” found on Destiny, Fla.’s Web site, there are six principles of growth that Destiny plans to abide by:

1. Preserve resources such as water, farmland, open space and recreational areas.
2. Create a variety of transportation options.
3. Cultivate unique, safe and appealing places to live; raise our families and call home for generations.
4. Support a diverse, competitive economy.
5. Offer a wide range of housing options.
6. Build communities with educational, healthcare and cultural amenities.

These steps are part of the Climate Positive Development Program, a Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) program. Destiny is one of 16 cities throughout the country currently participating, but it has been deemed the nation’s first eco-sustainable city.

If you’re like me, you know nothing about the Climate Positive Development Program or the Clinton Climate Initiative. At the C40 Summit, president Bill Clinton announced that the Climate Positive Development Program would begin coalition with the U.S. Green Building Council. The program was designed to support developing urban projects that can grow in “climate positive ways.”

Pretty cool, huh? I don’t think anyone could disagree with me by saying that these are all great ideas. Still, the word cult keeps coming to mind when I read more into this. For one, naming the nation’s first eco-sustainable city as Destiny is just a bit over-the-top. As for the rest of the things Destiny stands for, these are incredibly great ideas, but remind me a bit too much of an unattainable utopia.

What is extraordinarily creepy (to me) is the “Living at Destiny” section of its Web site. And I quote, “The best part of all, like hometowns of years past, everything will be within walking range or a very short commute. Would you like to ride your bike to work? No problem. Want to walk to the corner café to meet your friends for a latte? Easy. Running errands on the way home from work? It takes minutes, rather than hours and footsteps rather than mileage. Do you like spending weekends in the great outdoors? It’s at your doorstep. Convenience, ease, conservation and a reduction in our carbon footprints.”

What does everyone else think? I find it really strange that I’ve heard nothing about this prior. Is it just something that the hippies are doing, or is it actually legitimate? I guess only time will tell.