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City of Brotherly Love to love Michael Vick..?

It’s all over the news, MySpace and Facebook status updates and has been tweeted via all the latest tweets thanks to Twitter. Michael Vick is signed as the new quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Not even 24 hours ago it was rumored Vick might join up with the Buffalo Bills. I think it’s safe to say we can discount Mr. Adam Schefter of ESPN for that one. Poor call, dude.

And Vick’s deal is nothing to laugh at. According to Philly.com, Vick has been signed for a one-year, $1.6 million deal with a team option for a second year at $5.2 million. None of that money is guaranteed, however. That way, the Eagles don’t have to worry about any financial risk if Vicky doesn’t make the cut.

But going back to what’s on everyone’s mind, besides the fact that Vick is essentially back in the game, although he’s officially out of the dog house, ahem, big house, he still has a few things left to do before the American justice system is through with him.

According to the Chicago Times, and as a probationary obligation, Vick has to speak to “at-risk inner-city kids” about animal cruelty. Specifically, that a person can go to jail if he or she partakes, lose a career in professional football (along with millions of dollars in contracts) and see a major reputation stain that won’t likely fade completely…ever.

“We spoke with dozens of young people, and Michael shared his story, expressed remorse for his actions, urged the community to stand up to dog fighting, and asked them to help with the campaign,” Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society, said.

Other terms of Vick’s probation include that he secure a job — apparently he’s got something arranged for construction, as reported by A Pakistan News — and remain under house arrest unless he’s packing a metal lunchbox and yellow hard hat.

The question remains whether Vick will be welcomed and accepted as a member of the Eagles, and even as a member of the NFL to fans worldwide. Is he forgiven/can he be forgiven? Does the man deserve a second chance?

Also reported by Philly.com, Vick said in an interview after signing with the Eagles, “I think everybody deserves a second chance. We all have issues, we all deal with certain things and we all have our own set of inequities. I think as long as you are willing to come back and do it the right way and do the right things and that you’re committed, then I think you deserve it. But you only get one shot at a second chance, and I am conscious of that.”

All right. So Vick’s had his fair share of trouble for the past year or so for his doggy faux paws, excuse me, pas. But it truly feels like America is ready for his return to the football field. Yes, Vick made some serious mistakes, mistakes PETA will likely never forgive him for, but it’s about the fans, not the animal friends, and it seems Vick is ready for redemption.

Go Eagles!