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Pros and Cons: Free public health care

One of President Obama’s main platforms was a reform on U.S. health care. It’s difficult to deny that our healthcare system isn’t as good as it could be. Millions of Americans have no insurance and can’t afford to get the necessary medical help they need. Between people’s benefits being cut and unemployment at an all-time high, the idea of nationwide health care seems like a great idea.

As the Obama administration tries to figure out a healthcare deal, all we can do is wait. On Tuesday, it was announced that a decision will probably not be made before Congress comes back from its recess next Friday.

According to Reuters, some current ideas being thrown around include creating a competition between non-profit cooperatives and private insurers in hopes of lowering costs and taxing high-cost insurance policies. Obama’s idea for an overhaul hasn’t been met positively probably because of the $1 trillion price tag.

“I understand people being scared that this is going to be way too costly,” President Obama said. “It’s not too costly if we start making changes right now.”

There will be a vote on Friday, but the chances of a decision being made are slim. While we’re waiting for a decision, let’s look at some pros and cons.

Here are a few PROS of free public health care:
1) According to Balanced Politics, there are about 45 million Americans who are uninsured. This means there are many people who could benefit from something like this, especially if our economy isn’t expected to get better quickly.
2) If people know they can afford to go to the doctor, they might be more likely to take preventative measures. This could also help people catch serious problems before they get even more serious.
3) People couldn’t get turned away due to preexisting conditions.
4) A centralized database could be created that would help minimize additional paperwork and help doctors better diagnose patients.

Here are a few CONS of free public health care:
1) It wouldn’t exactly be free, as everyone will be taxed on it.
2) Patients wouldn’t be able to be as flexible with their scheduling. (People who have ever lived in other countries know what this means.) With everyone having the same rank to get a specific surgery, the wait will be much longer and you’ll take what you can get when you can get it.
3) Those who are healthy, and rarely use the healthcare system will have to pay for everyone else who uses it often.
4) The transition wouldn’t be easy. Many people in the insurance agency could lose their jobs and many businesses would close.
5) The government may feel more likely to put high taxes on foods or activities that could lead to health issues.

Realistically, the pros and cons lists could go on and on. Keep checking back here at 26Magazine and we’ll keep you updated as the plot thickens and the news continues to develop.

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All are very good points to be made about the new public health care system. I for one am not for the new idea that obama has, for one canada is telling America to stay away from it. They have a similar type of system and it’s not working. President Obama needs to here ideas from the american people and then approach the health care reform.

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